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Call to Action: Join Translation API Working Groups Now!

A lack of standards poses a challenge to interoperability and requires big investments in R&D and maintenance of proprietary APIs. The Translation API Cases and Classes (TAPICC) initiative aims to create an open-source, pre-standardization model to address these challenges.

The initiative’s current focus is Supply Chain Automation: enabling the exchange of business metadata, localizable content, and automation-relevant functionality between content repositories and localization environments.

This webinar describes the first working groups and planned deliverables (business metadata, payload specification, API specification), and explain how your company can get involved.  Don't miss this opportunity to contribute to a community-driven initiative that has the potential to advance our industry.

Join the online community discussion on TAPICC here

Klaus Fleischmann

Klaus grew up with languages and computers in Austria and the US. He studied conference interpreting in Vienna and Monterey, California, and technical communication at Danube University Krems. After spending many years gaining experience in the US translation industry, Klaus founded Kaleidoscope as a consulting and software company for international documentation in 1996. Klaus regularly presents lectures and university courses on terminology and translation management in Austria and abroad.

Serge Gladkoff

Serge graduated from an elite Russian nuclear science college and for more than twenty-four years has been engaged in the localization industry, first as a deputy director for a software distribution company Dialogue-MEPhI, then as a localization manager of the Moscow office of Borland International and for twenty four years as the President and co-owner of the Logrus International Corporation, and now CEO of Logrus Global LLC. Serge served as an elected GALA Board member from 2009-2012 and again in 2014-2015. He is now a GALA Ambassador for the TAPICC project.

David Filip

David is Chair (Convener) of OASIS XLIFF OMOS TC; Secretary, Editor and Liaison Officer of OASIS XLIFF TC; a former Co-Chair and Editor for the W3C ITS 2.0 Recommendation; Advisory Editorial Board member for the Multilingual magazine; co-moderator of the Interoperability and Standards WG at JIAMCATT. David has been also appointed as NSAI expert to ISO TC37 SC3 and SC5, ISO/IEC JTC1 WG9, WG10 and SC38. His specialties include open standards and process metadata, workflow and meta-workflow automation. David works as a Research Fellow at the ADAPT Research Centre, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.