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Change is seldom easy, especially when it involves multiple stakeholders and even entire organizations. Many entities—from international organizations to language service companies—are watching technological change wreak havoc on traditional service and business models. Change is imperative but few want or even know how to initiate it.  

As chief interpreter at a United Nations agency, Ewandro set in motion a radical technological change and managed it long enough to understand the interplay between technology and human behavior. He believes technology has always advanced faster than human behavior and that the key to success in an industry undergoing such profound change—like language services—requires working “backward toward success.”

A case in point:  After much reluctance, the market seems finally primed for remote collaboration platforms allowing people to meet anytime, anywhere, in any language. Event planners continue to question the reliability of systems still in their infancy, while interpreters and equipment rental agents fear the new technologies may disrupt their markets to a point of no return.

Yet demand for such disruptive solutions is growing, and clients are ready for the change. The question is: are we?

Ewandro shares lessons learned from his own experience on how to approach such paradigm shifts, where roles, concepts and even vocabulary need to be reinvented in order to affect change and embrace the future.

Ewandro Magalhaes

Ewandro Magalhaes is a seasoned conference interpreter and former conference manager in the United Nations system. As the Chief Interpreter of ITU from 2010 to 2015 Ewandro was instrumental in implementing an unprecedented system of remote participation with full interpretation in the six UN languages. He has an MA in Conference Interpretation from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. Ewandro is an engaging speaker, trainer and TED author. He has lived and worked on three continents and speaks four languages in addition to his native Portuguese. After nearly 7 years in Geneva, Ewandro relocated to the US earlier this year, as the VP of Communications of KUDO, Inc.