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Remote interpreting is all the rage. Platforms are proliferating, taking advantage of new technologies that make connecting people as easy as making a phone call or connecting to the Internet. These innovations are creating new opportunities that did not exist before. But how exactly can your company take advantage of these new platforms? This unique master class will let you see some of the newest remote interpreting technology platforms in action and learn how to implement them as a part of your service offerings.

Barry Slaughter Olsen

Barry Slaughter Olsen, is a veteran conference interpreter and technophile with over two decades of experience interpreting, training interpreters and organizing language services. He is an associate professor at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS), the founder and co-president of InterpretAmerica, and General Manager of Multilingual Operations at ZipDX. For updates on interpreting, training and technology follow him on Twitter @ProfessorOlsen.

David Frankel

In 2007, David Frankel founded ZipDX LLC in Silicon Valley to develop next-generation collaboration services. The result is a suite of “high value conferencing applications” including support for multi-lingual conference calls enabled by simultaneous interpreters using telephone and internet technology. Prior to ZipDX, David founded Jetstream Communications, a venture-backed voice-over-packet equipment supplier, and worked in high-performance computing and networking. He has an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Illinois.

Alex Leshchinskiy

Alex Leshchinsky has been heading Effectiff team for more than 10 years, and made it a strong player on Russian and CIS language services market. Today Effectiff works with more than 500 regular customers and more than 1000 interpreters and translators due to a properly devised guidance and business strategy. Alex successfully combines LSP business with a comparatively young Video Remote Interpreting project called CloudInterpreter. The key point of this is a new innovative service that allows you to make a video call to an interpreter directly from the browser or via applications (tablets and smartphones) no matter where you are or to arrange meeting with your business partners, colleagues and foreign friends in a videoconference mode with a professional interpreter on the same screen. The service will help you get a real freedom of communication regardless distances and language boundaries.

Sergio Llorian

Sergio is an American based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Sergio is the Founder and CEO of VoiceBoxer, a multilingual web communications platform that lets users reach a diverse audience in any language. Sergio holds a BS in Finance and a BA in English Literature and Rhetoric from Binghamton University. Sergio also holds a JD from New York University School of Law and an MBA from Copenhagen Business School.