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E.g., 10/30/2020
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Using the example of cross-departmental collaboration at NetApp between marketing writers and editors, technical writers and editors, and training material developers and editors, this webinar shows how product names and technical terms can be harmonized across departments thanks to a terminology governance model and a centralized terms database. With a shared database that can be accessed by users worldwide and that caters to the needs of content creators and editors in various departments, translators now receive content that uses consistent and up-to-date terminology across various content types in the English source language and are thus in a better position to provide quality translations.

This webinar offers practical tips for content creators, terminologists, and translators to help make terminology decisions effectively and efficiently, and to communicate these decisions company-wide.

Monika Aeschbacher

Monika is currently the Global Content Architect at NetApp. In this role, she is responsible for terminology alignment, terminology governance, and a centralized terms database accessible online by NetApp users worldwide. She also has a taxonomy role and recently helped define asset types and other metadata for the new digital asset management system which is currently being implemented by the NetApp marketing teams. Previously, Monika was a senior localization program manager, a linguistic reviewer, and a technical translator specializing in computer science, networks, and telecommunications. She holds a bachelor’s degree in translation for German, French, English, and Spanish from the Zurich School of Applied Linguistics in Zurich, Switzerland, and a master’s degree in business administration from Santa Clara University, California.