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E.g., 04/06/2020
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Is technology pushing small and mid-sized LSPs out of the translation supply chain? As the translation supply chain continues to evolve, LSPs must be prepared for change. Chris Carter, General Manager at aLanguageBank, explores what LSPs can do to ensure longevity, competitiveness and relevance in the industry. Will there be a place for small and mid-sized LSPs in tomorrow's supply chain? Who are the stakeholders and what do they want? What signs should LSPs be looking for that predict change? How should they prepare for those changes? This session answers these questions by looking at where technology is taking us all in the short-term and considering some possibilities for the long-term.

Christopher Carter

Christopher carter, General Manager at aLanguageBank, has been studying languages and linguistics since he was 12 years old. After graduating from college, studying both Linguistics and Theatre, Chris was a union Stage Manager for grand opera and theatre for several years. But then he returned to his passion, languages, and joined aLanguageBank many years ago as a Project Manager.