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E.g., 09/22/2020
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The accelerated development of technology and artificial intelligence provide many new opportunities. We do more, we do it faster, and the majority of repetitive tasks are getting replaced by automation. To succeed in this new environment, we need different skill sets and competencies as we start playing different roles as specialists. 

This webinar shows how these new roles can be successfully implemented within existing teams. It also discusses how to detect issues on a team and how to grow and support natural talent. If you are a manager, this presentation will increase your appetite for managing change within your team. It will encourage and inspire you and leave you with new energy to tackle the necessary changes. Some DOs and DON’Ts will also be provided to help you get started.

This presentation is suitable for most managers, but may be most relevant for managers who already have experience managing change on a team.

Joanna Tarasiewicz

Joanna Tarasiewicz began her career in the localization industry in 2011. She worked in project management at Contrad until 2016 when she was promoted to Head of Project and Vendor Management and started managing the team of project managers. She currently manages the entire production team at ATL. Joanna has a knack for automation and technology, and devotes much of her time to finding solutions for complex processes and automating repetitive actions. Her calling and passion lie in making cooperation better. She intuitively understands that different people have different needs. As an experienced educationalist and leader, she works closely with Universities and is engaged in various other organizations: since 2018 she has volunteered as Poland’s chapter manager for one of the industry’s best known global organizations - Women in Localization. Joanna is unstoppable about her goals and flexible in her methods.