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Strategic Coopetition: The Value of Relationships in Small Business

Fernando D'Aloia, Virginia Minhondo & María Gabriela Morales

Tuesday, 24 March, 2015
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"Coopetition," or cooperative competition, occurs when companies work with selected rivals, suppliers, or alliance partners to collectively enhance performance by sharing resources and committing to common goals such as improving industry standards, research and development, or market awareness. At the same time, they compete by taking independent actions in other areas. Translated in Argentina will illustrate how coopetition is feasible in the language services industry, and how it can help develop win-win scenarios in which everyone involved gains more by creating a bigger market in complementary areas, especially in view of the increasing demand for strategic flexibility.

Fernando D'Aloia

Fernando D'Aloia founded Latin-data in 2001. With prior experience as a journalist as well as a media and brand image analyst he excelled in marketing communications support for companies in many Latin American countries. He has positioned his firm as a regional leader in localization for marketing and corporate communications. Latin-data was selected as "leader provider" for SAP Language Services in 2009 and developed a unique cross training methodology which is applicable for several industries. Fernando is an active member at Translated in Argentina network.

Virginia Minhondo

Virginia Minhondo is co-founder of delsurtranslations. She graduated as a Spanish translator from the National University of Cordoba while working as an in-house technical translator and interpreter for Lockheed Martin Aircraft Argentina. Later, she moved to Miami, Florida, to work for Precision Translating Services Inc. She actively participates in different industry associations and attends conferences and seminars all around the globe to better understand her customers’ needs and be able to offer them the more appropriate solutions. Bridging the gap between the English and the Spanish speaking communities is her main challenge.

María Gabriela Morales

María Gabriela Morales is the founder of Rosario Traducciones y Servicios, an innovative translation and localization company based in Rosario, Argentina, specializing in Latin American languages (Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese). In 1995, Gabriela opened the office of Lazoski, Beninatto & Associados — the first translation company in the region. After that, she managed the South American Spanish operations of LMI and Berlitz in Argentina and Chile. She has a degree in both English into Spanish and French into Spanish translation. Gabriela served on the GALA Board from 2008 to 2009. She is also founding member of Translated in Argentina, a group of independent localization agencies based in Argentina.