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E.g., 07/14/2020

Standardization and Automation of Processes in Media Localization for Effective use of TMS in Audiovisual Localization Workflows

Andre Hemker & Frank Just

Wednesday, 27 March, 2019
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In over 10 years of working in audiovisual translation management we learned that a lack of understanding between media professionals, translators and agencies is time-consuming, costly, and outright nerve-wrecking. Too often, media professionals know little about effective localization workflows and localizers know very little about how media production is organized and how technical work steps interlock. Localizers often talk about how important it is, to follow a “localizable by design” philosophy. It goes without saying, that this is true for audiovisual translation as well, especially because moving images often contain several simultaneous communication streams that have to fit with and react to one another. (sound, motion graphics and subtitles). This master class will teach you how to apply modern translation management methods and how to effectively interlock the entire production cycle, to not only greatly benefit the localization workflow, but the production process as a whole.

Andre Hemker

Andre Hemker is the CEO of Wordcraft, a comprehensive language service provider specializing in localization solutions architecture, corporate training, text and audiovisual translations, brand language & terminology management as well as text analysis. After spending more than a decade working in media production and translation, Andre evangelizes for a tight and effective interconnection between post-production and translation workflows. He received a master’s degree in translation from the University of Leipzig.

Frank Just

Ten years ago Frank and his team started the media production company Lumalenscape. During this time, Lumalenscape created countless film productions, ranging from corporate films, TV and cinema advertising to documentaries and TV entertainment. More often than not, animations, interactive content and live-action films are designed and produced with a multilingual rollout in mind. In conjunction with Wordcraft, numerous cutting-edge localization and automation workflows have been developed and are continually refined once new technology becomes available. A considerable amount of time that was often lost on the client side as well as in post-production is now being saved and put to good use in the creative process.