E.g., 09/29/2020
E.g., 09/29/2020
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In the second installment of GALA's "How We Did It" series, we explore GALA member MediLingua's business strategy as an independent, specialized service provider. For 20+ years, MediLingua has maintained its status as a standard-bearer for quality translations and localization in the medical sector. In an industry that sees many brief flashes of brilliance—and many more acquisitions—there are only a few companies that demonstrate the independence and staying power found at MediLingua.

Recently we had a conversation with MediLingua's Managing Director, Simon Andriesen. Read how his team found success by committing to quality, integrity, and independence.

GALA's "How We Did It" Series

Featuring success stories from within the GALA membership, the "How We Did it" series examines a variety of language industry strategies, technologies, and best-practices. The aim of the series is to provide actionable—and inspiring—information to the GALA membership to help language teams evaluate industry trends and processes.