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E.g., 04/05/2020
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Chetan Khushal, Business Development Manager at translate plus, examines the social media localization tools and techniques currently available, with a particular emphasis on the more difficult task of localizing outbound social media updates. With the explosion of social media in recent years, brands have a new and instant way to communicate with their audience. But what happens when the audience is global and communicates in a variety of languages? Is it possible to create and manage a multilingual social media presence whilst maintaining message and brand consistency across the borders? Through addressing the questions and risks any brand must consider when devising their social media localization strategy, the webinar will explore if you can rely on the proliferate machine translation solutions or if a more human touch is needed.

Chetan Khushal

After studying English literature and drama at the University of Kent, Chetan Khushal lived and worked in Spain for one and a half years before moving on to study a Masters in Applied Translation Studies. He has been in the language industry for over five years in a number of different roles, starting out as a translator, then project manager, and now in his current role at translate plus as business development manager and social media specialist.