E.g., 04/02/2020
E.g., 04/02/2020

Shadow Boxing: The Noble Art of Post-editing Machine Translation

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Get ready to reevaluate your prejudices and take a fresh look at post-editing. With more than fifty years of collective experience in post-editing, this panel brings unparalleled expertise to a discussion on one of our industry’s most pressing subjects. The panel will discuss guidelines and expectations for post-editors, talk about practical, hands-on experiences, look at hard figures regarding post-editing SMT and RBMT output, and examine the latest post editing research. 

Daniel Grasmick

Daniel Grasmick has accumulated extensive knowledge in translation, localization, and language technology tools over the last 30 years. Starting with customer support at Logos Corporation in 1987, he joined SAP AG in 1990 where he set up the MultiLingual Technology Solutions Group. He not only managed daily operation tasks, but also worked on innovative solutions (MT, CL, Terminology, etc.), many of which are considered state-of-the-art in the language industry.

Bob Donaldson

Bob Donaldson is a well-known speaker and sought after strategic consultant in language technology tools and language service business models. He is currently serving as chief technology strategist for text & form among other smaller consulting engagements, and previously served McElroy Translation as vice president of strategy. Before McElroy, Donaldson worked with companies in many industries, helping them with strategic technology decisions and deployments.

Harald Elsen

After graduating with a degree in computational linguistics, Harald Elsen spent his early career managing QA, process optimization, and translation technologies for LSPs. He went on to co-found DELTA International CITS GmbH, a translation and post-editing service provider specializing in machine translation solutions. Since 2000, he has been managing director.

Xavier Maza Cid

Xavier Maza has a background in translation and management. He started as a freelance translator back in the early 90s and evolved from project management roles to Language Services Manager at iDisc. He is currently a partner of this company. Among his duties, he currently supervises operations, purchasing, customer services and quotes. He manages a heterogeneous department with project managers and engineers, plus a team of in-house language specialists and a pool of distributed translators for extra flexibility.