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Vladimir Pedchenko demonstrates Projetex. Learn how this translation management software saves time by automatizing many routine operations. Projetex is a translation management software that simplifies corporate and freelance workflow management as well as data and file sharing within a company, providing multiple benefits for all team members. Topics covered include: Why hundreds of translation agencies have already chosen Projetex; How Projetex can automatize all aspects of your business, including file management, document generating and reports creation; How you can manage all your accounting information inside Projetex; How you can build a strong client relationship using Projetex; How you can manage all jobs for in-house and freelance translators in the most efficient way; How it is possible to configure and customize Projetex according to any translation business needs; How Projetex allows you to reliably protect your data

Vladimir Pedchenko

Vladimir Pedchenko is founder and Managing Director of Advanced International Translations.