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Global companies face multiple challenges when launching global products, such as keeping localization and overall production costs down and meeting local market expectations like linguistic quality, regulatory requirements, and cultural considerations. As a sim ship strategy is not always available due to numerous factors, some companies opt for a tiered approach when releasing localized products. This webinar focuses on the two different innovation approaches that multinational companies employ in order to reach global markets and the impact that these two distinct strategies have on terminology management and product localization. We will also cover the role of the localization professional as an advocate and product design partner in the earlier stages of new product development.

Dulce Carillo

Dulce Carrillo currently manages localization for all Sonicare Apps at Philips for their connected line of toothbrushes. She was born and raised in Mexico, but as a Journalism student always had her eye on foreign lands and languages. Her travels and studies took her places like France, Germany, and the USA, where she currently resides. She transitioned from journalism into the translation and localization fields 10 years ago, and has held a variety of roles in industries like court interpretation, video games, life sciences, software as a service, and IoT products. Dulce is a certified Localization Project Manager, ECQA Advanced Terminology Manager, and Six Sigma Green Belt. A lifelong learner, she's currently a Technical Communication and Localization Master’s Candidate at the University of Strasbourg in France.