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The Risks and Rewards of Machine Translation

Dion Wiggins, Gordon Husbands & Jiri Stejskal

Tuesday, 11 May, 2010
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In this session, industry leaders took sides in a debate about the future of machine translation. The resource contains "pro" information from Dion Wiggins (Asia Online) and "con" information from Gordon Husbands (Wordbank) and Jiri Stejskal, representing ATA.

Dion Wiggins

Dion Wiggins is the CEO of Asia Online, the developer of the Language Studio™ suite of automated translation technologies. Wiggins is a well-known pioneer of the Asian internet industry and founder of one of Asia's first internet service providers in Hong Kong. He was previously VP and Research Director for Gartner and founded The ActiveX Factory where he was the recipient of the Chairman's Commendation Award presented by Bill Gates for the best showcase of software developed in the Philippines. Dion has also been recognized by the US government for being in the top 5% of his field worldwide. Follow Dion @asiaonline.

Gordon Husbands

Gordon is an Anglo-Scot, living in London and Spain. He has more than 27 years experience in successful international sales and marketing, consulting and business management, having worked for corporations such as BAe, EMI, GEC and Digital Equipment in Europe and the US. Gordon has been actively involved in the localization industry since 1995 and regularly publishes blogs on transcreation and global communication. An active and committed member of GALA, he is presently a partner, board member and Vice-president of Sales and Marketing at communications and advertising localization specialist Wordbank, based in London and Denver.

Jiri Stejskal

Dr. Jiri Stejskal is the President & CEO of CETRA Language Solutions. Headquartered in Pennsylvania and with offices in Virginia, California, Ireland, Germany, Ghana, and Korea. CETRA serves institutional and corporate clients around the world. Jiri is a past President of the American Translators Association and past Vice President of the International Federation of Translators. Follow Jiri @cetrainc.