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Real World MT: A Drama in Three Acts

Jörgen Danielsen, Daniel Grasmick, Harald Elsen & Ingo Schumann

Monday, 26 March, 2012
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A hands-on, product-neutral session addressing three potential applications of MT: internal communication, mass documentation, and post-edited, high-quality translation. The panel will look at both Rule-Based and Statistical Machine Translation, also from a cost and implementation point of view. Learn about overlooked aspects of post editing, integration between MT and translation memories, the role of terminology in MT workflows and much more. 

Jörgen Danielsen

After studying mathematics and physics, Jörgen founded a translation company and bought his first MT system in 1990. Over the next decade, he held several executive-level positions with a focus on ERP, CRM, and technology. After three more years balancing multiple roles at the same time, he decided it was time to implement his own ideas regarding customer-based services again, and founded Eule Lokalisierung in 2005. Jörgen is always eager to find new ways of doing business in our industry.

Daniel Grasmick

With a solid background in the MT vendor camp (1987-90) and now Lucy (since 2008) as well as at a large customer site (SAP 1990-2007) where he was in charge of selecting, setting up and supporting language technology solutions for authors and translators worldwide, Daniel Grasmick has spoken at various conferences and has organized numerous events and user group meetings in the language industry.

Harald Elsen

After graduating with a degree in computational linguistics, Harald Elsen spent his early career managing QA, process optimization, and translation technologies for LSPs. He went on to co-found DELTA International CITS GmbH, a translation and post-editing service provider specializing in machine translation solutions. Since 2000, he has been managing director.

Ingo Schumann

After being awarded the degree of Qualified Technical Translator from Flensburg's University of Applied Sciences in 1996, Ingo mainly worked in the field of classical software localization and distinguished himself as an excellent translator for Microsoft projects. However, his skills are not limited to software. He also effectively worked with customers from the automotive, life sciences and print business sector. Today, Ingo oversees projects from customers like Oracle and Xerox. While relaxing with his family is a top priority, his three daughters also provide the necessary stress training to prepare him for anything that comes his way.