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Putting XML/DITA to Work. How Toshiba Europe Reduced Costs of Translating User Manuals

Patrik Indola & Ian Henderson

Monday, 28 March, 2011
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Major hardware and software manufacturers worldwide still struggle to offer localized user documentation quickly. Toshiba Europe, a division of the major manufacturer of laptops, and partner with LSP Rubric, have collaborated on an automated authoring and production process using structured FrameMaker 9.0 and XML/DITA to streamline user documentation development. This project was so important internally at Toshiba that Patrik Indola of Toshiba actually made it an internal Six Sigma project to evaluate its results, especially the increase in efficiencies. Attendees will hear the results of this study, and learn how to cut costs and increase speed-to-market of user documentation.  

Patrik Indola

Patrik has worked in the software development department of Toshiba Europe since the early days of laptop computers. He oversees the group responsible for product documentation and the software pre-install testing team on laptops shipping to the EMEA region. Patrik is passionate about improving efficiency, speeding up the process and reducing costs through smarter ways of working. He holds a masters degree in computer science from the Helsinki University of Technology.

Ian Henderson

Ian Henderson is CEO of Rubric, a company he founded in 1994. He combines a deep knowledge of globalization issues with expertise in distributed team management. This combination of skills has been the foundation of Rubric, helping the company achieve an unprecedented 98% customer retention rate and the highest satisfaction ratings in the industry.