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E.g., 07/11/2020
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Interpreters work in increasingly degraded conditions and there is a growing disconnect between institutional conference interpreters and the private sector. The promise of emerging technologies combined with a lack of understanding of the complexities of language translation and interpretation can lead to confusion and bad choices on the part of language service consumers. An open-minded and realistic approach is necessary to the ongoing success of interpretation. This session will explore the relationship between technology, client education, and interpreter working conditions, offering a solution-focused look at this growing challenge.

James Anderson

James Anderson is the President of Linguali SAS – a language technology company based in Bordeaux, France, specialising in the research, conception, development, and deployment of innovative technologies for live remote language interpreting. Previous roles include; Managing Director for a marketing and technology consultancy firm, Anderson Associates, Founder and Managing Director of a translation and localisation agency, Medialocate, as well as a career spanning twenty years as a conference interpreter. He was awarded the Trophée de la Nouvelle Economie, in 2001, for his innovative work with Medialocate. In his current role he is working to modernise the way interpreters, speakers and event participants interact together.