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E.g., 09/29/2020
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The present-day business environment challenges LSPs with an ever-growing demand to reduce the complexity of the translation process and simplify engagement between the client and the contractor.  A web-based platform is the solution that will make the translation and localization process consistent, automated and easy.

This webinar guides the participants through the functionalities of a new tool covering project management and scalability, repository of terminology lists, automated QA process, accounting module, and more. The core reasons for developing the platform are eliminating confusion and time-consuming operations as such: exhausting e-mails exchange with the customers, challenges in finding source or reference materials in previous emails, protracted cost estimate discussions, lack of analytic information, no clear budget control option, and difficulties in identifying the responsible PM.

Natalia Rudinskaya, Key Account Director at Janus Worldwide, will share her expertise on localization process automation, sharing real cases of how project management improvements were gained using a platform.

Natalia Rudinskaya

With over 10 years of experience in the localization industry, Natalia is inspired by constantly updating environments and technologies. As a Key Account Director at Janus Worldwide Natalia focuses on relationship management and process automation aiming at maximum customer satisfaction which she believes is the most important part of business success.

Dorian Marsalek

Dorian Marsalek is Business Development Specialist at Janus Worldwide. The world of translation and localization has caught Dorian's interest because of the opportunity to meet new people from various areas of the industry and the challenge that they have to communicate their products to potential customers by means of first-rate translation services followed by full scale support to achieve desired results.