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E.g., 07/11/2020
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If you're not a computational linguist, neural machine translation can be a daunting topic. If your role falls outside of localization, it can be tough to understand exactly how neural MT can help your business be first to market and delight customers all over the world. In this webinar, Lilt's CEO Spence Green will take you through the three variables that affect final translation quality (translators, process, and technology), and how recent advances in Neural MT put your business in the optimal position to simultaneously improve upon all three at once.

Spence Green

Spence Green is the CEO at Lilt, a San Francisco-based startup that builds intelligent software to augment translation for the enterprise. Spence graduated from Stanford with a PhD in computer science. His research area focused on the intersection of natural language processing and human-computer interaction. He has published papers on statistical machine translation, statistical language parsing, and mixed-initiative systems and given talks on translator productivity.