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We hear a lot about the cloud these days "too" much one might argue. David Canek leaves aside the marketing push and takes a look at what can be expected from the cloud, specifically the private cloud, in the translation industry. An executive of a language technology company once said: “The cloud is just a marketing word; it is just another name for a hosted server.” One could not completely disagree with this statement. However, there are some subtle differences that can affect business. We are still a very much a desktop-driven industry. Few would doubt today that small translation companies will eventually move to the cloud. With large LSPs, however, the situation is more complex. They have invested in legacy client-server technology and are usually too conservative to make the bold step towards the cloud. Is private cloud the answer? Many large LSPs/MLVs are looking into ways of working directly with freelancers instead of going through SLVs. At the same time, they need to automate their process and maintain quality under ever tougher deadlines. Translation is becoming very much a technology-driven industry. Will cloud take its share? And will private cloud become a viable option for large LSPs?

David Čaněk

David Canek is the founder and CEO of MemSource Technologies, a software company providing translation technology based in Prague, the Czech Republic. David, a graduate in Translation and Comparative Studies, received his education at Charles University, Prague, Humboldt University in Berlin and the University of Vienna. His professional experience includes business development and product management roles in the software and translation industries. David has delivered a number of presentations on innovation and trends in the translation industry, including the growing use of machine translation post-editing and cloud translation software.