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Providing superior translation and interpreting services is hard enough. But successful companies must also navigate government regulations and looming legislation in order to succeed in the marketplace. This panel discussion explores the existing and emerging regulatory structures and legal challenges for providing professional translation and interpreting in the United States. Topics include HIPAA, the reclassification of independent contractors as employees, and state and federal tax regimes. The panel also explores new standards emerging in our industry that will help companies establish their credentials as professional providers of interpreting, translation, and related language services both in the US and around the world.

Victor Hertz

Victor Hertz is the president of Accredited Language Services. Victor joined Accredited Language in 1984, and has helped the company evolve into a major translation and interpreting company operating in the US, Latin America, Asia and Europe. Mr. Hertz was formerly Director of Frost & Sullivan's International Political Risk Division where he helped develop a consultancy providing political risk analysis including country profiles and strategic studies. Mr. Hertz was educated at Columbia College and Columbia University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. He was a Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Fellow, a National Science Foundation Fellow and a winner of a Ford Foundation Fellowship. Mr. Hertz is currently active in the ASTM task force developing standards for interpreting and translation companies in the US.

Bill Rivers

Dr. Bill Rivers serves as the Executive Director of the Joint National Committee for Languages, representing more than 110 organizations from all sectors of the Language Enterprise in Washington, DC. A long-time researcher, strategic planner, and business leader, he advocates for language with the US Government and the business community. Having received his Ph.D. in Russian, Dr. Rivers has lived and worked in more than 20 countries.

María Gabriela Morales

María Gabriela Morales is the founder of Rosario Traducciones y Servicios, an innovative translation and localization company based in Rosario, Argentina, specializing in Latin American languages (Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese). In 1995, Gabriela opened the office of Lazoski, Beninatto & Associados — the first translation company in the region. After that, she managed the South American Spanish operations of LMI and Berlitz in Argentina and Chile. She has a degree in both English into Spanish and French into Spanish translation. Gabriela served on the GALA Board from 2008 to 2009. She is also founding member of Translated in Argentina, a group of independent localization agencies based in Argentina.

Susan Amarino

Susan Amarino has worked more than more than 20 years in the language service business. Owning and operating Liaison Multilingual Services, Inc affords her the opportunities to professionally serve clients and increase business proficiency. With many years experience in ASTM, Susan offers sound advice and educated hypothesis for ASTM’s future endeavors. As the subcommittee chairman for F43.05, Quality Assurance in Language Services, Susan continues to demonstrate leadership skills, imperative towards creating a performance standard that will lay a foundation for a greater appreciation of language services and a more prestigious position at the table of global commerce.

Anu Carnegie-Brown

Anu Carnegie-Brown is Managing Director of Sandberg Translation Partners Ltd, a Nordic RLV in the UK with a large in-house staff spread over three offices in two countries. In her 20 years in the industry, Anu has contributed to the growth of three LSPs from modest start-ups to streamlined organisations, always building the HR structure as a part of the process. At STP, she spearheaded the company’s growth from a staff of 45 in 2012 to 100 in 2015, while also doubling revenue in the same period. Any expertise she may have in dealing with stress stems solely from her personal exposure to it. In 2014, Anu created an “Introduction to the Translation Industry” course for the University of Helsinki and inspired an entire team of industry peers to teach it. The concept is now being replicated in other European countries. She also volunteers for the European Language Industry Association as well as the UK Institute of Translating and Interpreting, focusing on improving translator training and their continued professional development.