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Out of sight, out of mind? The Challenge of Distance Management

Véronique Özkaya & Anne Helene Fink

Monday, 23 March, 2015
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In today’s global business environment, many managers don't see their team members on a daily or even monthly basis. The remote working trend is unabating and as organizations grow, new communication challenges arise. The localization industry, being global by nature, introduces the additional challenge of culture and languages. So how can you effectively communicate with and manage team members around the world? In this session, we will show examples of good, bad, and ugly communication, review technology and media for interacting with stakeholders across companies, and leave you with tips to improve communication in your environment.

Véronique Özkaya

Véronique is currently GALA Board Chair. She also hold the position of Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Xplanation, a global provider of languages services and technology headquartered in Belgium. As a member of management, she is responsible for the company’s sales, marketing and account management strategies. Prior to joining Xplanation, Véronique held senior management roles at Moravia, Lionbridge and Stream International. Educated in France and Ireland, Véronique holds a double master’s degree in International Politics and Administration from the Université Grenoble as well as a Diploma in Public Relations from the Institute of Public Relations of Ireland.

Anne Helene Fink

Anne is Marketing Manager at Xplanation, a global provider of language and technology services headquartered in Belgium. After spending several years in program management, Anne’s passion for all things digital and sharp eye for trends made the transition to marketing an obvious choice. With an in-depth knowledge of marketing and corporate communication, Anne builds and strengthens the Xplanation brand internationally. Educated in Denmark and the UK, Anne holds a Master’s degree in International Business Communication and Corporate Communication from Aarhus University.