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In our Business Processes, Should we Treat Artificial Intelligence as if it Were Human?

Christian Weih-Sum, Dominique Puls, Christian Taube & Peter Kreitmeier

Tuesday, 26 March, 2019
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Artificial intelligence is the hype of the translation industry, and not only there. Machine translation, machine-based decision making, and machine-based quality assurance are topics currently lying on the desk of every decision maker in translation companies and translation departments. Yet, many questions remain on which technology to choose, how to employ it and where to embed it in the process. Since AI is to replace tasks currently done by humans, should we approach the whole situation by employing best practice learned from onboarding humans?

Christian Weih-Sum

Christian Weih studied English literature and linguistics at the University of Mannheim, Germany. As a member of the Management Board of Across Systems, he plays a key role in the company and product development. Furthermore, he provides customers with advice on language technology, translation workflows, and integrated solutions, e.g. for machine translation.

Dominique Puls

Dominique Puls has been a passionate driver of new ideas in translation and localisation industry for more than a decade. As Chief Communication Officer at the tsd GmbH, an internationally operating Global Content Provider, she constantly challenges approaches to solutions and processes. Feasibility, Sustainability, the ever changing needs of multilingual content, cost effectiveness and fully integrated solutions are her focus points. Dominique is a language enthusiast, digital native, economics nerd, mother, science fiction fan, rock music addict, visionary and so much more. Her motto: “Communication is Key”.

Christian Taube

Christian worked in the translation industry since 1997 and in IT since 1990 as project manager, technology lead, and consultant. Co-founder of two translation industry start-ups.

Peter Kreitmeier

Peter Kreitmeier has been with itl AG since 1990. Since 2014, he has been Chairman of the Executive Board and responsible for the Translations division. Prior to this, he was head of itl's translation department for more than 20 years and made a significant contribution to its development and expansion. He also worked closely with the other itl departments to ensure that translation processes were continuously optimised and efficiently embedded in the entire documentation process.