E.g., 07/14/2020
E.g., 07/14/2020
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This webinar will explore how best to obtain executive buy-in and make a case for a translation management program. We will cover such topics as

  1. Organizational units that need translation but might not be a line item or on anyone’s radar
  2. Who to influence 
  3. How to define business goals
  4. Vendor management
  5. Best practices on how to tell a story and paint a picture of an ROI

Suzanne Frank

Suzanne Frank is Vice President of Global Sales Training & Enablement at Vistatec. Suzanne has helped some of the world’s most iconic brands enter into global markets. She has been instrumental in driving double digit revenue growth for the organizations she has worked and served. Her methodologies are creative and team focused. Suzanne is currently evangelizing her methodologies to the global Vistatec team. Her philosophy is ‘we don’t sell, we educate’.

Mary Anne Henselmann

Mary Anne Henselmann, PMP, is a Senior Director at ADP and is certified in Localization Project Management. Mary Anne started ADP’s Translation Management Services (TMS) organization in 2011 and last year reports that the TMS program saved ADP over 4.5M dollars in translation costs. ADP’s TMS charter includes standardizing the translation process across the enterprise, managing translation assets, and controlling translation costs.