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E.g., 09/22/2020
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Unlike the basic process of planning and initiating a translation process, which has remained virtually unchanged, the comprehensive field of project management has undergone fundamental changes. Record-level volumes, low prices, ambitious processing times, and high-value management necessitate increasingly customer-specific alignment of translation processes.

To gain new customers and retain existing ones, new processes must by all means be tested. The project manager must have the entire process level, system functions, and effects of individual steps under control and must be systematically enabled to operate strategically.

This webinar provides an overview of the following questions:

1.) How has the job of the project manager changed in recent years?

2.) What skills does a project manager need on process level?

3.) How do customers profit from next generation project managers?

Lissa Sum

Lissa Sum is the Team Leader of Training and Consulting at Across. She started working regularly with the translation management system while studying Translation Sciences. Immediately after obtaining her Master's degree, she joined the Across support team. For many years, she has designed training courses for industrial customers, language service providers, and freelance translators. Lissa has conducted several hundred training courses and webinars.