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E.g., 07/16/2020
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Neural Machine Translation (NMT) is a hot topic in the language industry. More and more research shows that neural networks outperform the classic Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) techniques, which were the norm in machine translation for the last decade. Some companies are switching to and exploring NMT for their translations.

In this talk, Roland Meertens of Infor.com gives an introduction to the basics of neural networks. This talk discusses the methodology behind NMT. Through learning how neural networks work, you will know what the advantages and shortcomings of NMT are.

Are you interested in the processes behind this machine translation trend? Want to know what the advantages and problems of NMT are? Worried you will be replaced by a computer soon? Watch this webinar recording!

Roland Meertens

Roland is a research engineer trying to implement tools that help with the translation of technical documents. His background in Artificial Intelligence has given him an understanding of neural network techniques. Interesting products he has worked on include neural translation tools and translation-quality estimators. Before his adventures in natural language processing, he worked with drones, computer vision, and social robotics for elderly people.