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E.g., 07/11/2020
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Neural MT (NMT) is hot on everyone’s lips these days, and the media is hot on its trail with daily updates and announcements on the next NMT technology release. End users are now starting to ask their providers for NMT solutions to leverage the latest tech in the marketplace.

But how do we decide when to use NMT or existing statistical / hybrid MT approaches? Neural MT has raised the bar, but what is the real-world impact? How do we leverage its strengths and overcome its limitations?

In this webinar, John Tinsley shares real-world commercial case studies that include a range of automated and human evaluation metrics comparing NMT with existing MT solutions for multiple content types, industries, and languages. This webinar delves into the different types of NMT in the marketplace, provides a basic understanding of practical use cases, and looks to what the future holds for MT technologies from a research and innovation perspective. 

John Tinsley

John’s background is in Machine Translation, an area in which he received a PhD from Dublin City University. Since then, he has focused on consulting and development of MT technology that has real practical applications and provides true value to its users. The foundations of Iconic Translation Machines are built on methods that John pioneered over almost a decade of research.