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E.g., 03/30/2020
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A health insurance company, a content management company and a translation company come together in this webinar to look at managing life sciences content from all sides: content creation, change management, and localization. Explore how issues like transparency, health exchanges, and consumer engagement affect your multilingual content management and learn how clients, CMS, and translators must come together to form a system of checks and balances that keeps your content under control.

Dayna Neumann

In her role at FetterGroup, Dayna Neumann works to discover, develop and deploy digital change management platforms for the healthcare industry. She works collaboratively with Fortune 50 health benefits providers, long term wellness and aging care facilities, and large hospital networks to create custom enterprise cloud platforms to manage regulated content. And the best part is that FetterGroup software platforms look amazing. Dayna pays close attention to user interface design and usability studies which translates into higher user adoption rates and client satisfaction.

Terena Bell

Terena Bell is CEO of In Every Language, a language services provider offering translation, interpreting and localization. She formerly served on the Association of Language Companies leadership council. She also sits on the Obama Administration’s White House Business Roundtable, which has taken calls with both the President and the Vice-President as well as senior advisors and members of Cabinet.