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An MT Case Study: Breaking into Latin American Markets on a Small Budget

Maria Azqueta Arizcun & Diego Bartolomé

Tuesday, 26 March, 2013
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The Latin American market is composed of a mix of various Spanish dialects. If a company really wants to reach a specific audience in Latin America, it must use the right dialect. But how is it possible to translate marketing materials into four or five Spanish dialects without dramatically increasing costs? This session will discuss how a joint effort to create an MT engine for translating international Spanish into specific Latin American dialects (Spanish for Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Mexico, and Puerto Rico) made this challenge feasible, economical, and replicable.

Maria Azqueta Arizcun

María has 12 years' experience in the multilingual services sector. In 2005 she joined SeproTec Multilingual Solutions, based in Madrid, where she has developed SeproTec's industry-leading system of linguistic resource quality management. María is a graduate of the translation program at Universidad Europea of Madrid and has also performed extensive studies at the Ecole d'Interprètes Internationaux, University of Mons-Hainaut, Belgium.

Diego Bartolomé

Diego is the founder and CEO of tauyou language technology, a company specialized in machine translation, natural processing tools, and process automation for Language Service Providers (LSPs). He holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering and an MSc in Management and Business Administration. He served on the GALA Board in the period 2013-2015.