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E.g., 07/11/2020
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The localization industry is becoming more automated every day.  We strive for process automation, utilize machine translation, and can choose from countless options of translation management. In this urge for maximizing our efficiency, we frequently try to teach the machines to imitate what our human brain does.  

This webinar focuses on how to use basic neuroscience and psychology concepts within the SCARF model to better manage your relationships at work and beyond. As localization professionals, we rely on relationships. Knowing how the brain functions, helps us manage our relationships in mindful and more effective ways.

Learn how you can influence others' behavior and performance in a mindful way, being aware of simple brain reactions to reward incentives and threat perception. The awareness you will gain will help you change the way you perceive your relationships and to better understand the attitude and actions of the people you work with.

Martyna Pakula

Martyna, Business Manager at JONCKERS, guides organizations to unlock their potential in the international marketspace and succeed in the global arena. Martyna’s passion for languages and travel made her depart from her homeland Poland and head towards Spain to continue her studies, then move to Belgium to complete her education and embark on localization adventure. For nearly a decade Martyna has worn many hats in several companies providing language services. Thanks to her expertise, Martyna is a valued localization business consultant with particular interest in people and relationship management that results so essential in translation world. Martyna came to Silicon Valley in 2013 to pursue her career goals and discover Women in Localization that she now actively supports.