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Can project management functions benefit from the new way of computing -- from artificial intelligence? In short, yes! Project management systems have already evolved from the classic models which focused primarily on data processing. We're now seeing systems that perform semantically rich, automatic actions as reactions to events that occur in the system. But what will the next generation look like? Is autonomous translation project management truly possible? And if so, what are the opportunities, benefits, and risks for the industry? This session will present a broad vision of possible machine project management development and address how the industry can prepare for this technology today.

Dominik Radziszowski

Full stack IT analyst, technology visionary, cloud expert, solution architect, IT expert and auditor spanning the IT and business worlds, software localisation and internationalization practitioner. Architect, developer and IT team founder of XTRF Management Systems Ltd - the leading translation management system used worldwide by 2000+ PMs daily.

Konrad Chmielewski

Konrad Chmielewski has been in the translation industry since 2006. He is a #SocialSelling Evangelist and XTRF’s Head of Sales. Before that, he worked at Argos Multilingual, one of Poland’s largest Language Service Providers. Konrad’s focus is and has always been on innovation and execution.