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E.g., 08/13/2020
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Video is everywhere. Over the last three years, its use has grown exponentially and shows no signs of slowing. Tools and service providers have made their creation and distribution more accessible than ever before be it for marketing, B2B communications, or entertainment. It also remains one of the higher risk elements of any translation or localization project because of its heavy reliance on outsourced agencies and third parties. In this presentation, John Burke will demystify the process of translating video content and identify the resources needed to build a cost effective production, from the questions that project managers and sales people should ask, to the pitfalls they should be aware of. This session will help you get to grips with what's involved in localizing video content by reviewing the critical processes necessary to identify the best sub-contractors for the work involved and produce the highest quality material at competitive prices.

John Burke

John Burke is the Head of Sales at Voquent, a company which offers the world’s largest and fastest growing roster of professional, qualified voice over talent and associated localization services in over 512 languages across 250 different countries and independent states. Over the last 7 years, John has overseen literally thousands of productions and localization projects for both many of the world’s largest firms and media partners. His experience in planning and budgeting for everything from complex audio-visual projects in 25+ languages to single translation, voiceover and sub-titling jobs has played an instrumental role in the rapid growth and success of the Voquent platform and its managed service division.