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Margherita Martella and Nancy Ferreira da Rocha give an inside look at how the Spil Games localization team offers players the best gaming experience possible. The casual gaming industry is booming. eMarketer estimates that as of July 2013, two thirds of all Americans online play games. That’s somewhere around 163 million people playing online games in the US—and it’s just one of many growing casual games markets around the world. Spil Games maintains dozens of gaming websites around the world in multiple markets and languages. Creating localized content for global audiences is no simple task. From social to puzzle games, from mobile devices to PCs, from tween girls to housewives—the types of games, target markets, and gaming platforms that Spil Games handles are as diverse as they are exciting.

Nancy Ferreira da Rocha

Nancy Ferreira da Rocha is Localization Quality Manager at Spil Games. She is responsible for the optimization of user experience and the delivery of branded but locally relevant products to a global user base. Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Nancy graduated with a degree in translation in 2002. She moved to the Netherlands in 2004, where she has several years’ experience in the adaptation of global marketing and advertisement campaigns to local markets.

Margherita Martella

Margherita Martella is the head of editorial and localization at Spil Games — one of the world’s largest online-gaming platforms. Her specialty is the automation and optimization of localization processes, which helps Spil Games reach a diverse international audience. Margherita’s interest in language and translation began at Naples’ Istituto Universitario Orientale, where she graduated with a degree in Oriental languages in 2005. She launched her localization career in Dublin, where she spent three years at VistaTEC before moving to the Netherlands for Spil Games in 2011.