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It’s no mystery that the localization industry is changing fast. We’ve been talking about disruption and adaptation for years and there are no signs that the pace of change is slowing. On the contrary, factors like advances in translation technology, the emergence of expansive digital experiences, and the growth of cross-border commerce are all accelerating the evolution of the industry. As the requirement to facilitate cross-country communication moves beyond translation, how can companies stay relevant? Apart from translation, what new services are going to become standard? What roles can be filled and where will demand come from? This interactive panel discussion seeks to address these questions and more and aims to provide food-for-thought to companies committed to finding their place in the evolving industry ecosystem.

Pedro Gomez

Pedro Gomez works at Microsoft Corporation, where he leads a global operations team. Pedro has an extensive background in product development, cross-cultural communication, and international business. He holds a BA in natural languages and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

Ewandro Magalhaes

Ewandro Magalhaes is a seasoned conference interpreter and former conference manager in the United Nations system. As the Chief Interpreter of ITU, Ewandro was instrumental in implementing an unprecedented system of remote participation with full interpretation in the six UN languages. He has an MA in Conference Interpretation from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS). Ewandro is an engaging speaker, trainer and TED author. He has lived and worked on three continents and speaks four languages in addition to his native Portuguese. After nearly 7 years in Geneva, Ewandro relocated to New York in 2016 as the VP of Communications of KUDO, Inc.

Georg Kirchner

Since joining the industry in the early '90s, Georg Kirchner has held various roles in Localization, including DTP engineer, staff translator, program manager, PMO lead and technology manager. At Dell EMC, Georg is responsible for a translation management system which is designed for continuous delivery of localized content.

Nataly Kelly

Nataly Kelly is VP of International Operations and Strategy at HubSpot. She has a background in the interpreting and translation fields, and also has experience in marketing, market research, channel development, and international go-to-market strategy. Nataly's writing frequently appears in Harvard Business Review, Huffington Post, and more. Her latest book is "Found in Translation" (Penguin).