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Growth in video has significant implications for the localization industry. Video now accounts for 74 percent of all online use and more footage is uploaded to YouTube every day than the major networks have created in the last 30 years. Yet much of the video content on both public and private platforms is not localized properly, if at all. Video localization is both art and science. This session discusses many facets of it: When is it better to dub, and when to subtitle? How important are dialects? If you have a limited budget, which aspects of localization should be prioritized? What is the right balance of technical and creative expertise? And more …

Haitham Wahab

CEO of CMI Media, a leading provider of video localization services to corporate markets and the filmed entertainment industry. Having grown up on three continents and a fluent speaker of five languages, he is passionate about intercultural exchanges and believes that nothing does, in fact, need to be “lost in translation”. Prior to joining CMI and leading its expansion into new markets, he was an investment banker, providing mergers and acquisition and fundraising advice to multinational clients in a variety of industries. Together with the team at CMI, Haitham believes that the true language of global engagement is video. CMI’s mission is to make your video accessible to your global audience, in any language.

Paula Ferrari

Back in 2003 I graduated with honors as an English-Spanish Sworn Translator. During some years I worked as a freelance translator specialized in life sciences and started sharing projects and clients with my college colleague and current business partner: Gabriela Roselló. As projects became larger and more challenging we decided to incorporate Go Global. In 2016 and 2017 our company was named among the 10 largest LSPs in Latin America by CSA annual ranking. The company evolved, and we also needed to evolve from linguist-entrepreneurs into business women. In 2013, I obtained a Post-graduate Degree in Business Management and Marketing from UADE (Universidad Argentina de la Empresa) and I am currently seeking an MBA from IAE Business School. As Director of Client Solutions, I lead Operations and Sales teams at Go Global. As a born entrepreneur, I am always looking for new challenges to continue learning and growing.