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E.g., 09/22/2020
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With the explosion of video content worldwide, subtitling and closed captioning are gaining in popularity. This webinar defines each of these services (describing the differences and similarities) and presents details on what language agencies and freelancers who are planning to provide these services need to know. Financially speaking, is it “worth it” to enter the market, and what price models are offered? What type of human resources do you need to be successful, and what are the different job types included? What are the best commercially available tools, and what about freeware?

After watching the webinar, you will be able to avoid the common mistake of mixing closed captioning and subtitling services. You will have an idea whether you have the necessary skills as freelancers or whether your agency has the appropriate human and technical resources to provide these services. You will have a greater understanding of the financial aspects to consider prior to entering the market, and also a knowledge of what tools are available and reputable.

*Please note, during the Q&A portion there was an internet disruption which caused the audio in the video recording to cut out for one minute. 

Aida Martirosyan

Aida is Managing Director of Haymillian, a media localization company with operation teams in 20 countries, working in 64 languages. She commenced her career as an IT translator and IT Quality Assurance specialist before moving to business development roles. In 2007, she established Haymillian (formerly XLence). She has spearheaded the company’s journey for the last 9 years, growing it from a small translation agency to a global company with two distinct specialized units of technical & hospitality translation and media localization. The media localization department which was added in 2010 specializes in subtitling, closed captioning and dubbing services. Haymillian has an 800-strong growing team of translators and subtitlers, and its own and partner dubbing studios. Follow Aida @AidaMartirosyan