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E.g., 07/14/2020
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At the mobile games development company, Nordeus, localization is an essential part of product development. In this webinar Jasmin Jelača shares his insights about how localization can be integrated into the product development cycle starting with strategic product planning and how the localization team can best collaborate with the different product stakeholders to ensure a product that is optimized for the different markets.

Jasmin Jelača

Jasmin Jelača is a localization lead at Nordeus, an award-winning independent gaming company based in Belgrade, Serbia. Having been raised in the multicultural environment of Berlin, it was unavoidable that he became a specialist in various languages and cultures. Jasmin went on to study German literature in Belgrade and, after freelancing as a translator, he found his new home at Nordeus. Currently he works with different departments such as marketing and customer relations, making sure Nordeus’ players enjoy top-notch localization quality in every facet of the gaming experience.