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Cooperation among stakeholders in the language industry—LSPs, language technology companies, professional associations, and universities—provides great opportunities to train tech-savvy and skilled professionals. However, it is vital that this cooperation is systematic, stable, mutual, and starts from the very beginning of a translator’s career.

Engagement between LSPs and universities is a key step to achieve this goal. This webinar will be conducted by four LSP representatives from different world regions and markets. Each will share ways they have worked with universities to provide opportunities for students, and how these connections have also helped their organization. These endeavors include:

  • Free lectures and webinars for students, highlighting the specifics of working at a company and exceling in translation technologies
  • Providing internships as an essential part of an LSP’s resource development
  • Mentoring students in their research projects and supporting them to acquire professional skills
  • Launching and maintaining national and international projects aimed at strengthening graduates’ skills sets
  • Involving students in the development of translation resources and tools

Looking for more information about academic partnerships? Join the online community group on GALA Connect: University-Industry Partnerships

Manal Amin

Manal is founder and CEO of Arabize, and one of the first Egyptian entrepreneurs in language technology. With over 30 years' of experience, Manal has mentored many "generations" of localizers and technical writers and established the first localization and content training center in Egypt.

Oleksandr Bondarenko

Oleksandr Bondarenko is co-owner and CEO at Translatel Ltd. He has a PhD in contrastive and comparative linguistics and is an associate professor and is the founder of the educational project CHOC and TALK. He is the author of CAT for Grad project, co-founder of TranslAcademy project, and co-founder of the Vox Translatorum initiative.

Tatjana Gornostaja

Since 2005, Tatjana has been working for Tilde, a leading European company, specializing in multilingual technologies (machine translation, terminology services, speech processing and others). Her academic background is in terminology management (Bachelor and Master) and machine translation (Doctor).

Ümit Özaydin

Ümit has been in the translation industry for 20 years. He is the founder and General Manager of Dragoman Translation, a leading translation and interpreting provider in Turkey. Dragoman serves to over 500 end clients including the World Bank, UNDP, NATO and EU.