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From inception to delivery, the translation process involves multiple steps and the participation of numerous linguists and experts to create an accurate, linguistically correct and culturally appropriate translation. George Rimalower, President of ISI Translation Services, identifies the steps reputable language services companies take in order to ensure the integrity of a translation project. Come away with a greater understanding of the roles and ideas that will foster better communication and opportunities in the process. Translation is not simply a matter of transcribing text from a source language into a target language. From inception to delivery, it is a complex process of multiple steps involving numerous professionals. Linguists and other specialists are tasked to provide accurate, linguistically correct and culturally appropriate translations. Ensure that translated documents successfully communicate their message to their target audience. This requires numerous steps that, in most instances, remain transparent to the client and end user.

George Rimalower

George Rimalower founded ISI Translation Services in 1982. ISI www.isitrans.com was one of the first language services companies to address the special linguistic and cultural needs of both non- and limited-English-proficient communities of the United States. ISI is based in Los Angeles, with hundreds of translators in the United States and worldwide. Mr. Rimalower is a native Spanish-speaker who was educated in Argentina and the US.