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E.g., 09/29/2020
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The growing complexity of localized websites, and the use of IP detection, requires the implementation of the HREFLang elements to tell search engines the preferred language and market for the pages on your site. It's a serious revenue challenge for any company, if the Argentinian Spanish product page is shown to Peruvian searchers rather than the Peruvian page. This happens either because the Argentinian page has higher relevance and/or because the search engine assumes that they are duplicate content. The HREFlang element instructs the search engine which page to use for each language location. 

This webinar covers the different options for implementing and managing HREFLang elements for websites of all sizes, examines how to validate your implementation, and provides tips on building the business case for IT resources.

Bill Hunt

Bill Hunt is the President of Back Azimuth Consulting which helps clients understand the voice of their customers through its cloud-based keyword data mining and management platform. Previously he held dual roles as CEO of Global Strategies International and Director of Global Search Strategy for Ogilvy. As CEO, he was responsible for developing and executing GSI’s corporate strategy and global expansion. As the Global Search Strategist for Ogilvy, he was responsible for Ogilvy’s Search Marketing thought leadership and for developing global search marketing strategic roadmaps integrated into Ogilvy’s 360 Integrated Communications programs. Bill is considered a thought leader on Global and Enterprise Search Engine Marketing and is an internationally recognized Search marketing speaker who has spoken at conferences in over 30 countries.