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E.g., 07/14/2020
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To succeed in the language services industry, it is important to provide professional services that meet and exceed the expectations of customers and end-users. At ENLASO, we firmly believe our employees are integral to achieving this goal—without them, we are nothing!

If you are a manager or an employee in language services and you want to have a great work environment that produces results, this webinar is for you. Explore the strategies we use to attract and keep employees who are talented, effective, and engaged in both the success of our customers and our company. We share the details of the tools we use, including effective management strategies, the role of quality and performance metrics, and corporate transparency, that can help you to have the best employees in the industry.

John Watkins

John Watkins is the President of ENLASO, taking that position shortly after the management buy-out in 2004. He has an extensive background in product engineering and localization, having worked in international business for over 25 years. Before leading ENLASO, he spent 15 years consulting with companies and government agencies in the US and Europe, helping them with operations research and data analysis, system development, business process engineering, international standards, and business administration. For 10 of those years, he worked with the European Commission in France, his home away from home. John also helps bring localization standards out of the background through sponsorships with open standards and open source solutions and direct support of the GALA Standards Initiative.