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E.g., 07/14/2020
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What does it take to be able to translate 1 billion e-commerce listings for more than 165 million users? Certainly a lot of effort. But this wouldn’t be possible without the help of the right language resources.

In this webinar, eBay’s Machine Translation Language Specialists Rebecca Bartolozzi and Juan Rowda walk you through the different language resources, tools, and techniques they use to ensure the best possible quality in machine translation output. This is a great opportunity for translators and other localization professionals to learn more about managing machine translation output to get the best results.

Juan Rowda

Juan is a certified localization professional working in the localization industry since 2003. He joined eBay in 2014. Before that, he worked as translator/editor for several years, managed and trained a team of +10 translators specialized in IT, and also worked as a localization engineer for some time. He first started working with MT in 2006. He was also a professional CAT tool trainer and taught courses on localization. Juan holds a BA in technical, scientific, legal, and literary translation.

Rebecca Bartolozzi

Rebecca Bartolozzi holds an MA in Translation from Rome University (LUSPIO) and an MSc in Scientific, Medical and Technical Translation with Translation Technologies from Imperial College, London. Before joining eBay, she worked as a freelance translator and as a project manager at a subtitling and dubbing agency in London. Since June 2014 she is part of eBay’s Machine Translation Language Specialist Team, providing linguistic support and expertise for the implementation and maintenance of eBay MT engines.