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Interoperability Now! (IN!) is pleased to announce that the XLIFF:doc and TIPP translation interoperability formats have been finalized. IN! is an industry-driven initiative to provide real interoperability between translation systems and tools. Andrzej Zydro? will take an inside look at how these formats make a difference for data exchange in the localization industry. XLIFF:doc was born of frustration on the part of tools developers, translation buyers, LSPs, and translators related to the inability to actually exchange data meaningfully between tools with the existing XLIFF translation interchange format. XLIFF:doc is a 100% compatible subset of XLIFF 1.2, based on real world practical implementations. XLIFF:doc removes the ambiguities and possible misinterpretations of the original XLIFF 1.2 standard by concentrating on the core requirements for data interchange for translation. XLIFF:doc is also a key component of Translation Interoperability Protocol Package (TIPP). TIPP is an information container that allows the exchange of information between two or more Translation Management Systems (TMS) or other translation tools. When combined with an XLIFF:doc payload, the TIPP format provides a loss less mechanism for exchanging the full spectrum of translation data between systems, from high level information about the project, down to individual translated words. TIPP is also extensible, creating an infrastructure that enables new forms of interoperability and data exchange.

Andrzej Zydroń

Andrzej Zydroń has worked in IT since 1976 and has been responsible for major successful projects at Xerox, SDL, Oxford University Press, Ford of Europe, DocZone and Lingo24. He is extremely involved in a wide variety of standards projects and open standard technical committees. He is currently head of the OASIS OAXAL (Open Architecture for XML Authoring and Localization) technical committee.