E.g., 10/30/2020
E.g., 10/30/2020

Interpreting Tech and Business Continuity: Delivering Interpreting Services During a World Health Crisis

Barry S. Olsen, Katharine Allen & Fardad Zabetian

Thursday, 19 March, 2020
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GALA teamed up with long-time partner InterpretAmerica to offer a virtual, round table discussion on the impact of COVID-19 on business continuity in the interpreting profession. What was originally intended to be a face-to-face, interactive round table at GALA 2020 San Diego was moved online and re-focused to address the ongoing coronavirus crisis. Special thanks to GALA member KUDO for offering their multilingual web conferencing platform for this meeting. 

(0:0:00) Welcome and Orientation on how to use the KUDO platform and welcome – KUDO CEO and Founder Fardad Zabetian BARRY AND FARDAD

(0:9:07) Welcome from GALA Executive Director Allison Ferch BARRY AND ALLISON

(0:14:25) Introduction and framing of Discussion (Barry Slaughter Olsen, InterpretAmerica) BARRY AND KATHARINE

(0:17:09) Initial Polling of attendees regarding current situation of interpreting / sharing of results BARRY AND KATHARINE

(0:28:15) Where Things Stand Today: An overview of interpreting in the midst of a pandemic (Barry Slaughter Olsen, InterpretAmerica) BARRY

Five-minute reports from the field (LSCs, interpreters, tech providers and end users) BARRY PULLS UP EACH SPEAKER IN TURN

(0:50:28) Kristin Quinlan — CEO, Certified Languages International (USA)

(0:56:43) Carolina Wagner – Rotary International (USA)

(1:02:20) Cyril Belange – Conference and Consultant Interpreter in Nice (FRANCE)

(1:08:08) Naomi Bowman – CEO, DS-Interpretation (BELGIUM)

(1:14:01) Virginia Vázquez Vaccaro – Amnesty International (SPAIN)

(1:20:10) Brian Forester – CEO, Boostlingo (USA)

(1:26:40) Additional Polling and Discussion BARRY AND KATHARINE

(1:31:00) Conclusion and Possible Next Steps FARDAD, BARRY and KATHARINE

Barry S. Olsen

Barry Slaughter Olsen is a veteran conference interpreter and technophile with over two decades of experience interpreting, training interpreters and organizing language services. He is an associate professor at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS), the founder and co-president of InterpretAmerica, and General Manager of Multilingual Operations at ZipDX. He is a member of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC). Through InterpretAmerica he has worked with GALA since 2014 to produce think! Interpreting for GALA’s annual Language of Business Conference. For updates on interpreting, technology and training, follow him on Twitter @ProfessorOlsen.

Katharine Allen

Katharine Allen is co-President of InterpretAmerica, an organization dedicated to raising the profile of the interpreting industry, which hosts the annual InterpretAmerica Summit. She trains interpreters and interpreter trainers, provides curriculum design, and language access consulting to hospitals. Clients have included Kaiser Permanente, the Department of Defense, Glendon College of Translation and the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS). Katharine holds a Masters in Translation and Interpretation from MIIS.

Fardad Zabetian

A visionary entrepreneur, Fardad has founded and placed two companies among the fastest growing business in America. He has also expanded to key markets over Europe and Asia. Fardad is no stranger to big challenges. In 2012, he was part of the design and roll-out a complete makeover of the United Nation’s meeting facilities, including the general assembly hall in New York. He has also played a key supporting role as a high-end equipment provider to various iterations of the IMF/ World Bank Annual Meetings and several European Institutions. in 2016, Fardad co-founded AVAtronics, a Swiss technology company focusing on active noise canceling technology with applications in headphones, smart speakers, conferencing and smart TVs. in 2017, Fardad founded KUDO, where he now takes the meeting experience beyond the room to connect business and people in true border-less fashion, without language or geographic constraints.