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Looking for a way to make sending content easier while reducing your workload of file preparation and client interaction? Robinson Kelly explains how Clay Tablet can help. With a library of plug-in connectors for popular CMSs, a platform that routes content to you directly and connectors for all leading TMSs, Clay Tablet is the leading integration solution, worldwide. But how does it actually work? What kind of files do I get? How do clients benefit? How do I benefit? What if I don’t have a TMS? This informative demo answers these questions an more.

Robinson Kelly

As CEO of Clay Tablet Technologies, a firm specializing in the automation of translation business processes through a unique connectivity platform, Mr. Kelly has amassed extensive experience in translation processes and the globalization of enterprise-scale content projects. Mr. Kelly co-founded Clay Tablet after extensive analysis of the translation market, underpinned by over 10 years of content management technology experience.