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Customers want digital information to be customized to fit their interests, appear correctly on any device, be translated to their language, and localized per their cultural norms. Enterprises must deliver expertly localized content and an excellent digital experience or risk losing customers. Consequently, it is critical to have a deliberate approach to content globalization and a strategy for transforming end-to-end digital experience. Discuss how market trends and customer preferences are forcing the worlds of content globalization and digital experience to collide. Explore how enterprises can become “Industry 4.0” ready by solving end-to-end content management and globalization challenges, leveraging content intelligence technology, and creating exceptional experiences for every customer interaction.

Shannon Zimmerman

Shannon co-founded Sajan and helped lead the company to unprecedented growth and market leadership over the past two decades. He has over 20 years of experience in technology and language solutions. Propelling Sajan to a top-10 US market leader and becoming a top 30 language service provider globally, Shannon’s motivation has long been to develop combined solutions for customers which extend beyond just language services and include innovative value through technology. After AMPLEXOR’s recent acquisition of Sajan, Shannon is now the Executive Vice President of Global Content Solutions and has thus extended the breadth of solutions for market customers.