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Innovation-based Selling: Finding Great Sales People... and Keeping Them

Inger Larsen & Jessica Rathke

Sunday, 23 March, 2014
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What are clients looking for from sales people in today's selling environment? Innovation and collaboration are key. Customers are selecting and retaining vendors who provide new insights into operating more efficiently, eliminating waste and duplicate processes, or even developing solutions to make them successful with their own customers. This session looks at sourcing successful salespeople from both inside and outside of our industry, relying on a sharp recruitment process and interview techniques. The presenters give their views on remuneration packages, challenging common practices and sharing fresh ideas. They discuss real-life customer situations and examples that demonstrate this new sales paradigm.

Inger Larsen

Inger Larsen is the founder of Larsen Globalisation, which has provided recruitment and M&A services to the localization industry worldwide since 2000. Before this Inger worked in localization for 16 years on both the production and sales side, for IBM, Microsoft and Xerox. Follow Inger @larseng11n.

Jessica Rathke

Jessica Rathke is MD at Localisation Sales & Marketing, a London-based sales training and consulting company that helps translation companies differentiate themselves and increase revenue and profitability. She has successfully delivered sales and management training to LSP owners, sales people and freelance translators. She also coaches sales professionals to reach their highest performance potential. Jessica has 21 years of translation sales and marketing experience in US and Europe. Follow Jessica @jessicarlondon.