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E.g., 07/11/2020
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There are different ways to measure quality and different ways to visualize annotated data. In this webinar, we are going to zoom in on one quality evaluation model based on a flexible error typology and we will demonstrate one type of visualization using an online dashboard.

The main focus of this webinar is that  while a one-solution-fits-all approach to quality does not match today's diverse translation landscape, a certain level of standardization is needed to become transparent about the delivered quality and to improve our translation processes.

This webinar is part of the Research and Innovation Action "Quality Translation 21 (QT21)." This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 program for ICT under grant agreement no. 645452.

Paola Valli

Paola joined the Quality Dashboard team to help manage the program across functional areas. She focuses on integrating DQF into third party translation tools, improving UX and adding new features. Before joining TAUS, she taught college and explored the language services landscape by working at the European Parliament and top global LSPs. She earned a PhD in Translation from the University of Trieste.

Attila Görög

Attila Görög is Director of Enterprise Member Services at TAUS. He previously held a position in the product development team for the TAUS Dynamic Quality Framework. Currently he is the key account holder for enterprise member companies. Attila is also the host of the annual QE Summits that have translation technology and quality evaluation as their main focus. He published various articles on quality evaluation, terminology management, and computational linguistics in the past, in various academic and industry journals.