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Four MT developers joined forces to convince the EU it was possible to provide secure machine translation services for public sector organizations. The joint effort won the largest machine translation infrastructure bid in 2017 by focusing on a security-compliant solution that leverages domain adaptation for the translation of public administration content. Intelligent detection of the most suitable MT engine for a translation is a key feature of iADAATPA, and because of the open nature of the platform, any MT company can connect via API, enabling access to a larger selection of engines. Learn how iADAATPA (Intelligent, Automatic Domain Adapted Automated Translation for Public Administrations) will help support the EU’s vision for a digital single market in Europe.

Manuel Herranz

Active in the European language industry since the 1990s, Manuel Herranz is CEO and founder of Pangeanic B.I Europa, a leading translation company with HQ in Valencia (Spain) and strong commercial links with the partner offices in Japan and China. A firm believer in language automation, Manuel masterminded the creation and development of PangeaMT, a machine translation platform which is now at version 3 including hybridization techniques using search engine-type recall. PangeaMT is offered both to other LSPs and organizations and it has received several rounds of funding for R&D by EU programmes. The last EU research project resulted in the release of ActivaTM, one of the most advanced multi-channel, multi-format and multi-language translation memory systems. Based on Elastic Search technologies, it has been designed in order to supersede the expensive model of server-based CAT tool providers.