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How to Survive the AI Uprising

Alan Presch & Sarah Pokorná-Presch

Wednesday, 27 March, 2019
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The language industry is only just starting to get a handle on multilingual SEO - something that marketers have been working on since 1997. Right now, AI has completely taken over the marketing world, and it's something LSPs have to start learning about if they're going to grow their own businesses and help their clients. In our 90min master class, we're going to strip voice search, chatbots, ad targeting, AI generated content, and marketing automation right down to basics, teaching attendees how to handle them from a linguistic perspective. With technologies like this we can conquer the world! Let's make it happen by preparing these technologies for localization.

Alan Presch

Even though he's a newcomer to the language industry, Alan has nearly 10 years' experience in digital marketing. Having started off his career as a digital strategist, he went on to lead the digital transformation for a number of Irish SMEs. As a passionate innovator, Alan set up Retro Digital to create digital and international marketing solutions that actually get results. Alan has degrees in marketing, advertising and digital marketing and has been named one of the top 100 innovators in the UK and Ireland.

Sarah Pokorná-Presch

Named one of the top 100 innovators in the UK and Ireland, Sarah Pokorná-Presch is the Managing Director of Retro Digital, and creator of Retro Live (a fusion marketing/localization conference). Sarah started off as a military translator before going on to work as a freelancer. She then went on to hold a number of different sales and marketing roles in LSPs and a translation technology company, before setting up Retro Digital to combine her passions for languages and digital marketing. Educated in Dublin, on top of studying languages, Sarah has degrees in digital marketing, PR, and law. She's also the founder of the Retro Digital Foundation, a charity that helps young parents access education.